The Best Themed Events For Corporate Functions

Often our corporate show clients contact us with the idea of a certain theme and ask if it’s a possibility to have one for their upcoming event.

Many are both surprised and thrilled to learn that some of our entertainers actually offer either popular themed entertainment packages, or shows with the versatility to specifically theme what our clients are looking for..

In this blog, we are going to discuss two of these options:

Set Themed Corporate Shows
Corporate Entertainment Show Packages with flexible theming 

There are certain themes that continually pop up and are very popular with our corporate clients. The three most in demand themes are as follows.

  • Casino Royale
  • Halloween
  • Casino

Casino Royale Show

Casino Royale is a combination of casino, and “007” theming, while “Casino” is obviously simply casino themed.

We do supply casino gaming tables and croupiers, however, why stop there when you could actually have a stage show to amaze your audience.

Mentalist Phoenix teams up with the stunning Darling Diamond Dolls and vocalist Beccy Verrier to present a casino themed show that will WOW your guests.

This show consists of incredible mind reading, casino skills that will blow your mind, dance production that will dazzle your senses, and one incredibly talented vocalist.

Show duration: 30 – 40 minutes

Casino Show

Phoenix & The Dolls
Casino Show by Phoenix & The Dolls

This version of the casino show leaves the “Bond” theme at the door and focuses more on Casinos. Incredible, yet hilarious audience participation sets demonstrate extreme casino skills.

This show comes in two forms, “Welcome to Vegas” version, once more featuring the talents of the Darling Diamond Dolls as Vegas style show girls, as well as Casino extraordinaire, & mentalist, Phoenix, or the straight up “Casino!” show by Phoenix, a mind bending, performance featuring hilarious audience participation, and some of the sharpest casino skills this side of Vegas!

Show duration: 30 – 45 minutes


Corporate Entertainment Show Packages with flexible themes 

These shows are very flexible and can fit to any theme. How? Simple, the most popular option are our corporate game shows.

These shows have been created with different genres & interests in mind to cover everybody.

527433_10150689920798591_872678902_nThese shows are an absolute hit as they make your guests the stars of the show.

The game show teams can incorporate your theme, or company specific questions into their mix of brilliant questions to bring a LIVE Game Show to your event.

Integrating themed or specific questions into the mix keeps the theme running during the show, and can be used for work related questions staff “should” know, fun facts, themed facts, and much more!
Zgameshow1308615860Client lists for the game shows have varied from law firms, to airlines, & corporate data companies, each with the same end result, the most fun at a corporate event, ever!

Third option?

Don’t forget, there are always entertainers who can mention key phrases, or even theme some of their work to match events, magicians do consult for this sort of work also, so it never hurts to ask!

Roving Magic

Roving Magic With Some of Australia’s Best!

“Roving Magic ” is the perfect subtle entertainment for any event – from a cocktail party to a large function, corporate event or more. It will amaze your audience, create a fun atmosphere and make a lasting impression on all your guest’s who are in attendance.

Roving magic is highly visual close-up magic that occurs right in front of your guest’s eyes and sometimes even in their own hands. Not only that, we combine it with the most astounding mind reading that has to be seen to be believed. Prepare to be amazed.

This form of magical entertainment is perfect as an icebreaker at any event, or as a subtle main feature in any entertainment line up. If you’re not sure what would be the perfect combination for your event let our experienced team help you make a decision that’ll work best for your crowd.

One of the best benefits of roving magicians is that they are also some of the more cost effective forms of entertainment. They are low-key and excellent at mingling amongst guests, moving from group to group, or table to table performing the impossible right in front of their eyes.

Not only that, at Action Entertainment, we only work with the best roving magicians in the business. Our strict criteria insures only the best entertainers with awesome stage presence, amazing reviews, and the extra “wow” factor will be delighting your crowd at your next function.

Our roving magicians are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, on the Gold Coast, and as far North as Cairns. If we do not have one in your city, we are certainly able to organise one for you with ease. Get in touch with us today and we will work out a performer and package to suit any occasion.

These guys are also a big hit at birthday events such as 21st birthdays, hens and bucks nights, corporate events to 50th birthday parties and more. These guys appeal to everyone!

For more information on our roving magicians contact us today!

Stage Hypnotists

Stage Hypnotists 101

Stage HypnotistsLet’s be honest. There is nothing better than witnessing your partner, relative or friend onstage, convinced they are a rooster and clucking around in their rooster best, after being hypnotised by Stage Hypnotists for the entertainment of everyone in the audience.

A hypnosis show could not exist without people willing to get on stage and take part in the show. Most participants seem to do so from a genuine desire to experience what it would feel like to be hypnotised firsthand. Whatever their reasons, part of the magic of it all is that the audience participants are the actual stars.

Hypnosis shows are globally on the rise, with more and more people learning the craft, and the boundaries of hypnosis being expanded. Years ago, hypnotists would take up to 30 minutes to perform the induction before even getting to any of the fun stuff. This isn’t the case anymore.

Thanks to extensive study in the field, and performers growing in talent, these day inductions are incredibly fast, leaving far more time for the hilarious skits that ensue, making these shows perfect for any sort of audience or occasion. No longer do you need to save up for a trip to Vegas when you can have an outstanding stage hypnotist attend any event anywhere around Australia.

In fact, we supply Stage Hypnotists from Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne. Get in touch today and we will organise a package and performer to suit your next function.

At Action Entertainment we have a range of performers to suit anything from 21st birthdays to hens or bucks nights. We also have Stage Hypnotists that specialise in 100% clean shows designed for corporate audiences. No humiliation, just loads of hilarity and fun!

Make your next event or occasion extra special and ask about our stage hypnotists today!