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Covid-Safe Entertainment – Live Events & Virtual Performers

23rd October, 2020Event Entertainment

Entertainment Options for Covid-Safe Events


Well, the events industry, like many other industries, has certainly taken a hit in 2020.


Large scale corporate events, other than online virtual conferences, have stopped and will only come back after the allowed numbers start to creep back up. Newlyweds-to-be have had to scramble to find alternatives to a packed dancefloor as well as having their numbers restricted.


While this has hurt entertainers, clients, and all involved in the events industry it has, like many adversities before this one, created space to rethink these events. For certain entertainers, this has presented the opportunity to adapt, and for clients, it has meant thinking outside the box.


Interestingly enough, the feedback has been surprisingly positive. We have had entertainers presenting Covid-Safe Entertainment options that have resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients.


Here we’re going to cover just a few of our recommendations for event entertainment in a world with Covid restrictions.


Online Virtual Performers:


When Covid-19 hit, all entertainment stopped, and many office staff were suddenly working from home. Platforms such as Zoom suddenly became the online conference rooms of the Covid pandemic, as with live conferences, hours on end of talks discussions, and presentations, combined with staring at one’s PC screen made for the occasional lull in brain activity and productivity.


Smart employers noted that having an engaging speaker or entertainer live events invigorated their attendees, and as such, caused them to retain more information that was being fed out. The smartest of employers realized that although conferences are temporarily held on a different scale and platform, the principle still applied. These conference organizers then began to seek entertainers who could engage and interact with their attendees, and bring both fun and amplify their engagement levels, opening their minds to absorb more of the conference.


Enter the era of Virtual Performers. As in the law of progression, those who can adapt to change, tend to survive. We have seen great demand and great success from a few of our entertainers. The online entertainment realm tends to be most successful seems to be the Magicians and the Mentalists.


Here are two of our feature Virtual Performers:


Adam Axe:


Adam is an accomplished magician with a highly visual show, full of magic illusions that will leave you asking if you should first have visited Specsavers. Adams mastery of sleight of hand, combined with his storytelling ability makes Adam one of our most sought-after virtual entertainers.

Sydney Magician, Adam Axe



Mentalist Phoenix on Australia's Got Talent with Nicole Scherzinger in the 2019 series

Prior to Covid, Phoenix was on the verge of completing his latest show “Influencer”, which uses the internet as his prop, as he performs the most jaw-dropping “mind-reading” that you never thought possible. After his latest success on Australia’s Got Talent and opening for music rockstar, Rob Thomas on his Australian tour, Phoenix has the performance history that other entertainers dream of. From blockbuster movie consultation to global performances.

Influencer Online professional Online Virtual Theatre Studio

Influencer Online professional Online Virtual Theatre Studio

When it came time to create a Virtual Show, Phoenix was ahead of the game with Influencer. The show was then not only modified and reimagined for online performances, but it was housed then in a purpose-built production studio/theatre. “Influencer Online” is not the corner of a bedroom production, Phenix uses multiple cameras so that everyone witnesses everything. He uses professional production and mixing, sound gear, and studio lighting. It’s as though you are watching a live TV show, with the exception being that your audiences can interact with him live in the show. “Influencer Online” is not only mind-blowing but genuinely engaging.


Entertainers for live Events with Covid Restrictions in place:


Social distancing at events, be they small corporate events making a return, or Covid safe weddings, rules out dancing in general, but has moved the spotlight over to some other brilliant socially distanced entertainment options. Here are our top picks for live event entertainment in a Covid world:




Caricaturists have always been a popular option for corporate events & weddings, but now due to Covid rules, they are more popular than ever. A caricaturist can sit a couple of metres away from their subject and is a great and fun addition to any event, leaving attendees with a souvenir they can keep forever.


Aerial Performers:


Indoors, outdoors, rigging, no rigging, we have aerial performers who will create an amazing atmosphere at your event. Remaining a safe distance from the crowd is just another day in the office for aerial performers, yet the impact is one of prestige and class. While aerialists often require rigging in place, we do have some aerialists that can bring their own apparatus to perform on, allowing the event to be held almost anywhere and still comply with Covid restrictions.



Along with performing Online Virtual Shows, our mentalists are also performing Covid-safe live shows, ensuring social distancing is adhered to, and the performance can be given with the audience mostly remaining in their seats. At recent functions of which a DJ and dancing were scrapped due to regulation, we have seen clients come back with overwhelmingly positive feedback after having these shows in place with one client stating:


“At first, we were concerned about the success of this event with the restrictions in place. We were surprised to see on the evening that having these restrictions in place and having formal sit-down entertainment allowed the audience to focus on the show, and our guests haven’t stopped talking about it since! Thank you so much for turning what we thought could not compete with our usual annual event, into one that we won’t forget!”


Game Shows:

Game Shows for Corporate Events

Our Corporate Game Shows are one of the best-kept secrets in Australian Corporate Entertainment. Our clients LOVE these shows, and with Covid restrictions, more and more people see just how fun (& compliant) these shows can be.

The Game Shows turn your event into a live game show. With each podium being a safe distance from the next, this show can carry on as per usual- An hour of fun, hilarity, and the most creative way of engaging an audience!

For more information on our various entertainers, please don’t hesitate to contact us.