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TV & Movie Consultation by Professional Entertainers

TV & Movie Consultation from professional entertainment experts




Our magicians, mentalists, and illusionists are frequently hired to consult, appear on movie sets, in live TV appearances, and much more. If you are looking for a specialist to either consult with, perform on your show, or have any of your cast members trained in magic, feel free to contact us and we will put you in touch with the most suitable specialist for your on-screen requirements.

One of our Sydney Magicians, Phoenix, consulted for the blockbuster Hollywood movie XMEN Origins: Wolverine. Phoenix was responsible for training the character of “Gambit”, played by Hollywood movie-star, Taylor Kitsch. His role was to choreograph any sleight or magic related stunts. In particular, for this movie, they focused on card stunts. All of the care stunts you see in the film were designed and created by Phoenix.

Some of these movements were so clean and visual that they even made the movie trailer, which was most impressive.

Phoenix (based out of Sydney) has worked as a consultant for a variety of TV shows, not only within the realm of cards but given his advanced knowledge of human behavior and psychology as a “Mentalist”, he also consulted for TV shows such as Behave Yourself, and for movies such as XMEN Origins: Wolverine.

Josh (based out of Brisbane) has also consulted for a movie. He was contracted to teach Kate Blanchett a card sleight or two when she was in Australia in preparation for her role in Oceans 8.

Our professionals are masters of their craft, and we can help navigate you to the best and most suitable expert for your needs.

If you want to hire or consult with a mentalist, magician, or illusionist, please contact us and we will recommend a few suitable matches.