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Team Building and Reconnecting Work Relationships in a Post-Pandemic World

7th June, 2022Event Entertainment

ConnectX Facilitated Dinners

The Best Corporate Team Building Activities

Live Corporate Game Shows, Hypnosis Talks, and Facilitated Dinners

Looking for some new and exciting corporate team building activities? Look no further! Corporate Game Shows, MindSet (Hypnosis) Talks, and ConnectX facilitated dinners are all great ways to bring your team together and help them work better together. Live corporate game shows are a blast and a great way to get everyone working together. Hypnosis talks can be inspirational and motivational, and facilitated dinners can help build better relationships among co-workers. Whatever you choose, these activities will help your team bond and work better together.

Many of our clients have approached us for our recommendations for team building, staff bonding, & connection reestablishment in the post-pandemic workplace. We have observed and heard our clients discuss the need for something more than event entertainment, or a bar tab that generates no more than surface-level interaction. Here we will feature three unique concepts that are being praised by our clients.

The Corporate Game Shows have been part of our companies event entertainment offerings for nearly twenty years now, with many of our clients having booked and rebooked this service more than five times. Companies such as Procter & Gamble have booked this service five times, while the Australian Broking Awards booked it six years running. Other clients have booked it four years running. Team Building Game Shows

What makes our clients book this service so frequently? There are several reasons for this. Firstly, the shows are SO MUCH FUN. They are hilarious, clean, and professionally run, but most of all, the versatility is what makes these shows a winner. Companies can use this service as the perfect team building activity as you can pair upper management with staff in teams, separate your entire audience into teams for maximum engagement, sit back and watch the competitive spirit & fun take hold.

The ability to add in your own company or theme-specific questions means that at the same time, you can be educating your audience in a fun way while holding their maximum attention as they actively revise the training from your conference or training day to come up with the answers – whether they are on stage or in the audience – the effect is astounding.

ConnectX Facilitated Dinners For deeper connections, one of our masters of entertainment and human behaviour has created “ConnectX Dinners“. These dinners are ground-breaking in terms of creating connections with staff and co-workers deeper than ever imagined.

In a nutshell, ConnectX Dinners are facilitated by a human behaviour expert who is also a very successful entertainer. the dinners, while they do include some incredible & mind-blowing demonstrations that will both break the ice and have your guests talking for a long time, are more so focused on your guests. Thought provoking questions are posed, stories are briefly shared. You will learn things about your staff and colleagues, while at the same time strengthening your bonds and handing you the keys to maintaining staff loyalty, all while enjoying an amazing dining experience at the agreed upon venue of your choice.

The ConnectX Dining Experience does not end there though. management will receive a 28-day suggestive coaching and check-in program in the form of a weekly email with suggestions and ways to sustain the connections formed and make your staff feel seen and valued – even if they are not at the dinner. Recommended numbers for ConnectX Dinners are between 10-15 attendees. Some companies have been so happy with these facilitated dinners that they have booked multiple sessions for different departments, and repeat dinners for the same departments six months later. In a disconnected world, reconnection is needed.

Finally, Sydney Hypnotist, TV and corporate entertainer, and human behaviour expert Phoenix has produced an incredible hypnosis and motivational keynote hybrid.

Mind Games Comedy Hypnosis Show was the first of Phoenix’s 100% comedy hypnosis shows. The success of this show which saw him tour the world, including perform the show on the Las Vegas strip and win multiple awards as some of the worlds largest fringe festivals, led him to create his first corporate keynote hypnosis show/talk.

Mind Set - Hypnosis Talk

Change your Mind Set, Change your World

Earlier in 2022 a small start-up office group in the heart of Sydney wanted to book Phoenix for his show Mind Games as they wanted something different and had heard great things. the group size was only around 40 people though, making to very small for a comedy hypnosis show. After talking with the client and seeking what their main goals were, it was discovered that yes, they did want some fun and hilarity, but the astonishing experience of seeing people hypnotised was the main goal and learning what that meant for the mind and day to day life.

The show for start-up company “Ofload” was a complete hit and the following week a follow-on booking from this booking was made by the company founders brother, who runs Sydney start-up “Voly”. This time the audience in attendance was only 20. This reinforced the difference in approach and while there is some fun and laughs, the most astonishing parts are not only watching fellow staff members clearly being hypnotised, but by delivering lifechanging experiences to those taking part.

The demonstration delivers entertainment and laughs, but also an inspirational and motivational message about the power of mindset, belief systems, and mental ability. One staff members phobia made her shake when thinking about it. During the demonstration the “volume dial” was turned down so much that she was freed from this limiting belief, which was not only life changing for her, but perspective changing for the entire audience who watched on amazed at their new understanding of what their minds are actually capable of. Of course, changing the language someone “Speaks”, and having one’s hand stuck to ones head is funny, but also demonstrates how powerful our minds are in an inspiring and meaningful way. Once staff experience something like this as a group, they are bonded by the experience forever.

To form better bonds with your staff or colleagues, contact us today!