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The Corporate Game show, a game show for your event! corporate game shows The Game Show is here and booking fast! Make your event memorable find out how the GameShow can improve business for you!

The Game Show blasts any trivia session out of the water!

"Game Show Mania" It's a compact, portable game show system complete with stand-up player positions, digital scoring, authentic game show sounds, a professional host and all the game show fun any group can handle! This award-winning system is perfect for all types of events: Corporate Training Programs, Product Launches, Promotions, Trade shows, Conventions, Wedding Receptions, Extravagant Parties, not to mention Christmas/Office Parties! This unique TV-style game show includes trivia questions for all ages... and it includes all the glitter, flash, and flourish of an in-studio production: music, lights, electronic scoring, sound effects - all the bells and whistles! We bring you all the high spirited fun and excitement of a live television game show! The audience stays involved with the contestants: clapping, cheering on their team, guessing the answers themselves! Outrageous questions, light activated displays, a killer sound system, and a talented comical host make for an awesome entertainment package. The audience won't stop cheering for their favourite players as the scores mount and the timer counts down. This one is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Turn Your Training Sessions Into Fun!

Game Show Mania is the ultimate tool for audience motivation and interactive entertainment. A well-trained and educated workforce is a critical ingredient to any successful company. If your company holds regular training sessions for your staff, we have a new and innovative system that will turn those sessions into a fun, yet effective way to learn. Game Show Mania can be used to teach your employees a new job or refresh their minds on any existing information they need to know in order to be more proficient.

This fast-paced, trivia-based travelling game show is perfect for:

Sales Promotions Dinners Team Building Reunions Product launches Trade Shows Bars Seminars Parties Promotional Events

What does a Custom Game Show Include?

Using state-of-the-art Corporate Game Show gaming systems and professional hosts, we literally create a complete TV-style Game Show atmosphere during your event. This makes our Custom Game Show a FUN, UNIQUE and ENTERTAINING experience for both the contestants and the audience! Besides, who wouldn't like to win glory or prizes for answering a few questions? Our Custom Game Shows include the compact game show systems pictured and features stand-up player positions with buzzer lock-out, authentic game show sounds, flashing lights, Game Show technician, hilarious visual fun, an entertaining game show host and ALL the game show fun any group can handle!

How is a Custom Game Show Played?

One of the most intriguing set of trivia questions that we offer are ones based on your company or guests. We ask that you jot down a series of questions that will add a personal touch to your events. Your guests will roar with laughter as questions they know (or should know) the answers to, are posed to the contestants. Depending on your preferences- the questions can be whole answer, multiple-choice, True/False, Fill-in-the-Blank or a combination of all of these different types. We also have THOUSANDS of generic questions which can be used. These questions focus on subjects like TV Shows, Movies, Music, Famous People, History, Sports, Sci-fi and many others. These fun and easy generic questions can be used with your own customized questions or used alone. Although we do not COPY TV game show formats exactly, our Custom Game Shows do have rounds with questions similar to those seen on popular TV Game Shows. Our Custom Game Shows can be played in teams or as individuals. We also use HILARIOUS physical challenges to spice up the event even more- including "Team tango pole" and the very entertaining "Team clothing rope threading" type challenges. During our Custom Game Shows, EVERYONE- whether in the audience or as a contestant, will be involved in the show- regardless of their age, sex, race, education or any other factors. We can present shows for groups of only 12 people or for extremely large events with thousands of attendees!

How long are the Custom Game Shows?

Our Custom Game Shows are fast-paced, interactive and unique programs. One hour is the maximum recommended running time, and 45 minutes is the standard running time. But for day-long events, rounds can also be played over several hours with hour breaks in between each round. The two different approaches to the game help ensure full enjoyment of the game show experience!

How much is a Custom Game Show?

Depending on your needs and budget, there are several Custom Game Show packages available. Contact us for all the details!

How do I book a Custom Game Show?

Booking a Custom Game Show for your event is easy! All you have to do is contact the agent who has showed you this!. It's sure to be a BIG HIT! (Full details of available mentalists, magicians and illusionists coming soon.) If you want to hire or consult with an entertainer, mentalist, magician or illusionist, please contact us and we will recommend a few suitable matches.

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What is a Mentalist?

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