Magicians and Why You Need More Magic in Your Life

20th June, 2017Event Entertainment

Remember the endless wonders we experienced during our childhood? Being enchanted by the magic we saw all around us? A time when we were delighted by every moment? Childhood is a precious time. A time for play and for laughter. A time to explore and to be amazed by the world around us. A time to dream and use our imagination. Everything is impressive. The world is magical. And you need more magic in your life today.

Sadly, it seems the magic starts to fade away as we ‘grow up’. No longer believing in fairy tales or the existence of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we trawl through life becoming more and more sceptical. Instead of seeing magic in the littlest of things, we lean towards trying to discover how something happened, attempting to understanding the mechanics of it, trying to ‘spot the trick’. After all, there is an explanation for everything. There’s nothing that doesn’t have a logical answer. There’s no magic. This ‘grown up’ tendency to rationalise the things we perceive results in us not enjoying the moment. Consequently, we deny that magic happens every day.

Modern technologies, answers at the click of a button, a 24/7 on-the-go attitude – this is the reality of our world nowadays. There is little time to enjoy the magical moments for there is so much to do and learn. This begs the question, have we become disillusioned with illusion?
Perhaps. But what if we could have it all back? What if I told you the magic of childhood still existed? That you could once again have a child-like outlook even for one night. What if I told you that masterful illusions could help you relive the wonder and enchantment of your younger years?

Well, it’s possible. You can step back in time with a magician and bring back the magic in your life.
These entertainers with their seemingly magical powers perform flawless sleight of hand deceptions so subtle they can bring the wonder back into your life with their rousing tricks. Imagine, a few hours of rational thought suspended, enjoying the moment, and simply being content with the magic.

How To Get More Magic In Your Life…

As one of the oldest art forms, audiences have been amazed and mystified by magicians for millennia. From the quintessential cape and top hat to pulling a rabbit out of a hat, from the misdirection of a dove being released to a mind-boggling disappearing act, we all love the wonder of magic. This experience of someone performing the seemingly impossible is what makes a magician so appealing. This is because for a small moment in time, we actually believe that real magic exists – just as we did in our childhood. In this moment, wondrous things can happen, magic is all around, and we are enchanted. Essentially, the magician’s skill lies in their ability to get the viewer to believe what they are seeing. After all, ‘seeing is believing’ and knowing how magicians perform these sleight of hand deceptions and cleverly disguised cognitive illusions doesn’t make the experience any less magical.

Children are fascinated by magicians, as their tricks never fail to impress. Why? Because unlike adults, children don’t try to rationalise the experience. They don’t try to understand how the trick is performed. They just want to see magic happen and are thrilled that it’s happening in front of their very eyes! They are mystified and amazed. And adults can be too, if we just take the time to enjoy the magical performance for what it is — unadulterated entertainment.

Why not consider hiring a magician and letting these dazzling entertainers bring a touch of magic to your next event. Using their deft sensory, auditory and visual illusory skills, they will have you reliving the joys of childhood and bring the magic back into your life. The laughter, wonder and excitement you experience will leave you with enduring memories. All you need to do is leave your doubts and troubles at the door. Don’t get caught up in trying to understand the how.

Instead, sit back, relax and accept the magician’s craft for what it is….magic! A reminder of childhood. Of wonder. Of the sense that anything is possible. Let the magician’s skilful tricks suspend your rational thoughts. Let the magic disrupt your sense of reality. Let their wizardry help you forget about your woes for a while. Let them take you back to a time when there wasn’t a care in the world. Quite simply, let the magician entertain you. There’s nothing more enthralling, more entertaining, or more magical!

After all, we could all do with a little more magic in our lives. Contact Action Entertainment today to organise a magician to bring more magic in your life.