Our Top Five Recommendations for Corporate Event Entertainment in Sydney

23rd July, 2019Event Entertainment

Looking to book entertainment for your next event in Sydney? Here are our top five picks for corporate event entertainment – and yes, they are all based in Sydney.

Obviously the type of event you are hosting will play a key role. Are you looking for after-dinner entertainment, or light entertainment from a roving entertainer to break the ice?

These are our selections to help you find entertainment that will have everybody commending you on your choices.

The internet is often a tricky place to navigate when it comes to searching for event entertainment in a particular city as many entertainers will advertise as being in certain areas and then hit you with a travel fee to perform in the area you requested.

Each of these entertainers are based in Sydney. While they do work all over Australia (and the world), they are based in Sydney, so there are no travel costs associated.

So without further ado, let’s delve into these entertainment packages and get you the praise that you deserve!

Here are our Top Five ideas for Corporate Event
Entertainment in Sydney:

1: The “Mind Guy” Phoenix

Sydney Mind Reader & Mentalist Phoenix

Skill: Mind reading – Mentalist

Why: Absolutely MIND-BLOWING stunts, fused with sophisticated humour. Phoenix is highly adaptable and is a client favourite for gala event entertainment, yet has even wowed crowds at a Harley Davidson event.

A “Mind reader” sounds unusual at first, but funnily enough, Phoenix openly states he is not in any way psychic, and perhaps this is part of the reason why audiences are astounded with his shows.

If he isn’t psychic, then how on Earth is he doing this? We have seen him play a VIDEO filmed months earlier, where he showed the camera a lottery ticket with the exact numbers selected that the audience chose – Outstanding!

If you want your audience to talk about your event for years to come, this is your entertainer!

Offers: Roving, three choices of mentalism shows

2: Jack Black

Sydney Comedy Magician Jack Black
Sydney Comedy Magician Jack Black

Skill: Comedy Magician

Why: If you like classic one-liners, and audience participation with an unexpected twist, Jack Black has to be Australia’s hardest working and most popular comedy magician.

Jack is a seasoned pro and has been performing his craft for decades. Jack is also a favourite of corporate clients and is often re-booked again and again.

Jacks humour is witty and sharp, blended with a dash of insanity, and that seems to be just how a lot of his audiences love him!

Offers: Roving, Stage Show

3: “Mind Games” Comedy Hypnosis Show

Sydney Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show "Mind Games"
Sydney Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show “Mind Games”

Skill: Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Why: This was a tricky decision as we have already mentioned Phoenix, but in the ranking of our top choices for corporate entertainers in Sydney, we had to feature this show independently of his other shows.

Mind Games is another show by Phoenix, but this show is just SO different to his mind reading shows, and so popular amongst our clients that we had to feature it.

If you have ever doubted whether hypnosis is real or not, this show will make you a believer.

There are plenty of questionable hypnotists out there who leave audiences bot entirely “convinced” of their abilities. This show is not one of those shows.

Furthermore, all care is given to those who do volunteer. There is zero humiliation in this show, yet Phoenix somehow manages to instead bring even more hilarity while having his volunteers end their evening feeling amazing.

Corporate clean and maximum hilarity!


4: Adam Axe

Sydney Magician, Adam Axe
Sydney Magician, Adam Axe

Skill: Close-Up Magician

Why: Adam, originally from London, has to be one of our best close-up magicians. His skill levels are expert with flourishes and some of the greatest sleight of hand we have seen.

Adam is what you would call a wordsmith. He has a poetic way of enhancing the already astounding feats of which he performs with his spoken word which will take your mind to new places and boost the overall experience to a new level.

We have backed Adam since the day he landed in Australia after he was recommended by one of our entertainers whilst performing abroad in London and have enjoyed glowing clients reviews ever since.

5: Game Shows Australia

Game Shows for Corporate Events
Live Game Shows for Corporate Event Entertainment

Skill: Corporate Game Shows

Why: Unique, fresh, different, familiar, FUN! These are just a few of the words used to describe the corporate game shows when it comes to event entertainment in Sydney.

Where to start with the game shows…? Well, firstly audience participation is often key a fun and successful event, and these game shows can include a much higher number of participants than any other form of stage show entertainment.

Your guests are the stars of the show in this hilarious, fun-filled entertainment package, which means that everyone is instantly engaged and invested.

You can even include some of your own questions, which could feature company, brand, or product information, or simply questions with information on a co-worker, thus forming a team building sort of element to the show.

If your event has a theme, then these guys are experts in bringing a theme into a performance. If your event is simply an end of year form of corporate entertainment, then you can stick with the set format of general knowledge, multiple choice, audio clip questions, and their famous comical challenges.

What we have found most impressive about the game shows is that clients seem to book them year after year. One client has booked them six years running, with another client on their third booking.

If you are planning multi-city events, then the game show teams can really help you save money as they have branches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

And of course…

There are a myriad of bands and musical groups we could mention, and we will do so on a separate page, but for now, we wanted to focus on feature shows and engaging visual and experience-based event entertainment.

Contact us today to discuss your event or to learn more about any of these Sydney-based amazing corporate entertainment packages.