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Australia's "Rock-star of mind reading", Mentalist Phoenix performs INCREDIBLE shows of which human lie detection, predictions, & psychology come together, along with a brilliant sense of humour & impossible feats to create some of the best corporate entertainment in Australia!

“Phoenix is FREAKING amazing, you gotta see this..”

– Taylor Kitsch “Gambit” in XMEN: Origins: Wolverine, Blockbuster FOX release ’09

“I heard you were good but that’s insane!!!”

– Steven Strait, 10,000BC Lead actor

– Hugh Jackman

Phoenix headlines some of the largest cruise ships on the planet, received a full standing ovation from both the audience & the judges of Australia’s Got Talent, and has trained celebrities & consulted for blockbuster movies & TV shows.

Mentalism is the “New Magic”. Your audiences will be incredibly impressed by the most psychologically advanced show in Australia. If you want your guests talking about your event for a long time to come, this is the show to book! See what all the fuss is about!

Phoenix has a variety of shows to suit every event, these include:

 “Breathe!”- Extreme Stage Show
Phoenix’s unbelievable psychological masterpiece mentalist show with an unusual finish, his jaw dropping “Water Tank Escape” that earnt him a standing ovation on Australia’s Got Talent 09.

Escapes are unusual for a Mentalist, but this escape requires pure control of one’s own mind & heart rate. An exciting end to an incredible show! Other large effects can also be added on request.

Psyche! – Stage Mentalist Show
Phoenix uses micro-expression training, psychological tricks, body language reading, & lie detection to divine an audience members thoughts, to predict & influence spectator’s thoughts & abilities, create premonitions & predictions.

These incredible feats are infused with VISUAL effects, unlike most other mentalists, and an incredible twist atthe ened of the show that NOBODY will see coming.

This show is one of the highest rating shows at sea, across 9 different cruise lines.


Mind, Magic, & Comedy Show- Stage Show
Imagine some of the most impressive mind reading, & magic routines in Australia, in a show consisting of loads of audience participation.

All this is combined with some of the funniest, yet astounding routines thought possible.

Say goodbye to the cheesy magicians telling the same old, tired jokes, performing the same old routines, this show will drop their jaws, & have hem laughing in the aisles.

“Casino!” – Vegas Stage Show
Casino is mentalism tailored for “Casino Themed Events”. These can be “Casino Royale”, with a James Bond 007 twist, or “Vegas” themed show, & can even include glamorous showgirls.

These shows include beating the casino, escape, and much more. Designed to fit in perfectly with the casino theme.

“Mind Games” – Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show
Australia’s cleanest comedy hypnosis stage show. No swearing, no smut, just 100% laughs!
Phoenix brings stage hypnosis into the new millenium by not only performing the most astounding hypnotic inductions, but by creating a CLEAN corporate hypnosis show with more laughs than any other stage hypnosis show in Australia: 

Why Choose Phoenix?

Corporate clients across Australia have raved about these shows saying they are “absolutely astonishing” and “exciting and original”. They have also been left absolutely dumbstruck by Phoenix, finding only enough words to say “this guy is the real deal!”.

These shows truly are psychological illusion at its best!

Mentalist: The Charlatan- Roving Mentalism
Up close & personal, Phoenix will get inside your guests heads!
Influence, suggestion, mind control, a touch of illusion & thought/body language reading are used in this show to bring a roving version of the incredible stage shows into an intimate setting. No one ever believes they can be mentally controlled until they experience it one on one!

Whichever show you choose, Phoenix will be sure to leave your guests talking about the event for a long time to come!