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The Game Show is a unique TV-style form of entertainment that features all the glitz, glamour and grandeur of a LIVE TV game show complete with buzzers, sound cues, comical challenges, and all the bells & whistles'!

What’s included? Can we tailor the show & questions to our event? How does it work?
Watch the video above to learn more!

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Live Corporate Game Shows

It’s hard to believe that in a compact and completely portable system ready to go wherever you are that you can have stand up player podiums, digital score boards, and authentic game show sound effects, music and lights. The Game Show will even provide a professional host to ensure that your guests are thoroughly entertained throughout your event.

This fast-paced, trivia-based travelling game show is perfect for:

  • Sales Promotions
  • Dinners
  • Team Building
  • Reunions
  • Product launches
  • Trade Shows
  • Bars
  • Seminars
  • Parties
  • Promotional Events

Watch the video below to learn about the various show formats, how many people can be included, & what are the requirements

Perfect for Trade Shows & Exhibitions:

Use our game shows as the ultimate way to collect business cards at those busy trade shows by offering passers-by a chance to play & win simply by entering their business cards into the drawing to see who plays!

Game Shows event entertainment is perfect for all types of events; from corporate training programs and conventions, to product promotions and trade shows. Not to mention your next company or office party or celebration. The Game Show promises to bring all the high spirited fun, entertainment and excitement of a live television show to your event, and it will keep the whole audience involved.

Put some of your guests to the test with outrageous questions and enjoy watching the rest clap and cheer on their favourite players as the scores mount and the timer counts down.

What does the Game Show include?

The Game Show uses state-of-the-art Corporate Game Show gaming systems, operated by a professional technician. This includes stand-up player podiums with buzzer lock-out, player microphones and digital scoreboards, as well as sound and lighting systems that bring the whole event to life with authentic game show entertainment, music, sound effects and with all the ‘bells & whistles’ you can imagine.

Game Shows Event Entertainment is the perfect way to make your event stand out from the rest. With world-class TV-styled entertainment, your event is guaranteed to succeed!

Can the show be customised to fit my event and preferences?

The Game Show offers such a variety of options that you really can make your event entertainment everything you want it to be. When it comes to the questions the Game Show can be as generic or personalised as you like. Why not put your guests to the test with some industry or company specific questions that add a personal touch to your event? Your guests will roar with laughter as familiar questions they know, or probably should know the answers to, are posed to the contestants.

The questions can be complete answer, multiple-choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blank, or a combination. However, the Game Show also has thousands of entertaining generic questions ready to be used for your event. These questions focus on current subjects like TV shows, movies, music, famous people, history, sports, and many others.

What are some of the games we can play?

To really bring the house down, Game Shows can also include hilarious physical challenges such as blind-folded golf putting and the spoon & string game.

If you have a favourite game show that you’d really like emulate at your event then why not check out the game show varieties page, where you’ll find options for popular TV game shows such as The Singing Bee and The Generation Game.

So, how many people can play in these exciting corporate Game Shows?

As many as you like! A standard game show lasts around 45 minutes with individual players or small teams, however to give all of your guests the chance to show off their smarts, game shows can be played in rounds over a longer period of time, culminating in a championship round grand finale.

Of course to really build the excitement why not split your guests into three large teams and let them put their heads together to try and outwit and outsmart their rival colleagues?!

Ooh! I want prizes!!!

Prizes for The Game Show are optional but can be a great way to encourage those perhaps shy team members at your event to get involved, after all, who wouldn’t want to win glory and prizes for answering a few simple questions?!

What is it that makes the Game Show so great?

Not only do you and your guests get to be the STARS of the show, our Game Show provides fast-paced, interactive, and truly unique forms of corporate entertainment that is guaranteed to result in an entertaining & successful event for everyone. Our comical professional hosts work with the technician, the players, and of course, the audience to bring the complete TV game show atmosphere to your event. The Game Show is truly the ultimate corporate entertainment experience.

Where are the Game Shows based?

We have professional, trained crews set up in Sydney, Melbourne, & Brisbane (also servicing Gold Coast), so if you’re event is in one of these cities, then it is a locally-based show.

What about other cities?

Not a problem! Our systems pack down to travel! We have flown our game show, host, & tech to corporate events in variety of destinations including Adelaide, Perth, Cairns, & Hamilton Island with minimal additional costs!

What additional costs would we be looking at for cities outside of Sydney, Melbourne, & Brisbane?

* Flights, taxis, meals & accommodation(if we can fly back the same day, then accommodation will not be required. Other costs are standard for any entertainers working away from their base)
* Pre-purchased  additional baggage x 3 ($80 return per piece when flying Qantas)

That’s it! We try to keep the costs for other cities as minimal as possible so that all of our clients can experience the most fun & entertaining corporate entertainment package in Australia!

Okay! I’m excited! How do I book?

Booking one of these custom corporate game shows for your next corporate event is easy! Simply contact Action Entertainment with your all your requests and requirements and we’ll do the rest. Or check out the corporate packages page via the link below for a more detailed breakdown of what the Game Show can do for you.

Make your next corporate function the talk of the town with The Game Show, it’s a guaranteed hit!

The best event entertainment there is for your corporate event. We can also provide entertainment for your wedding or public event!

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