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If you haven’t seen a roving magician in action, then you are missing out. These guys & girls specialise in performing close-up miracles right in front of your guests eyes!

The best part about roving or close up magicians is that they can perform anywhere, making them extremely versatile and perfect as an ice-breaker during guest arrival or during a mingling or networking session.
Private parties or corporate events frequently have roving magicians as they become an exceptional talking point.

Roving magicians and mentalists often offer roving at the start of the evening, followed by a feature show later in the evening, usually after dinner.

Our roving performers typically entertain between 80-100 guests per hour, and perform at an hourly rate. Each entertainer has a different rate depending on their demand, usually due to TV appearances or corporate re-booking.

If you want to hire a mentalist, an illusionist, or one of our magicians that can surely captivate your audience, please contact us and we will recommend a few suitable matches anywhere Australia-wide & beyond.