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Based in: Victoria
Brainlight is a new technology that allows us to experience one of the most puzzling aspects of ourselves- our minds. It demonstrates the innovative use of augmented technologies custom programmed to show the inner workings of our brain in vibrant coloured light.
Previous clients include:
Vivid Sydney
Elle Magazine
Light Night Festival, Holy Trinity Church, UK
Sydney Art Quartet
Athens Digital Art Festival, Greece
GOGBOT Festival, Enschede, Netherlands
Illuminate Festival, Wagga Wagga
Artbar, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Kensington St Faire & Beams Festival, Sydney
Powerhouse Museum, Maker Faire, Sydney
Australian Museum, Sydney
Sydney Science Festival
Styles of performance available:
Corporate clean
TV appearances:

ABC’s Catalyst

Usually responds within:
8 Hrs

Step into the mesmerising world of Brainlight, an extraordinary mind-driven interactive light sculpture that pushes the boundaries of augmented Brain-Computer-Interface technologies. With Brainlight, your thoughts come alive as you don a wireless EEG headset, seamlessly transforming your brain’s electrical signals into a captivating array of colored lights on the sculpture. These biologically-driven interactive experiences offer an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, providing a rare glimpse into the inner workings of your own mind and body. Witnessed by audiences worldwide at renowned festivals and institutions, Brainlight invites you to explore the fascinating intersection of art, technology, and human consciousness like never before.

What people say about this show:
“Thanks so much for letting us film your fantastic Brainlight for Catalyst Laura. May it travel far and wide to delight children in Schools, neuroscientists and academics and anyone up for a “mindful” experience!”
“Laura Jade is a talented artist and designer, her area of speciality is in linking light, science and design. The Brainlight is an example of Laura’s creativity and ability to produce ideas with groups of experts across science, design and illumination with social & educational outcomes”

Sherryl Ryan, CEO/Founder Culture At Work

“Laura’s creative talent and energy is inspiring. Her projects have generated interest from artists and designers all over the world; with a number wanting to enrol in the Master of Design to follow in her footsteps. This kind of open-ended, exploratory and boundary-crossing practice is the most exciting development in design today.”
Dr S. Stewart Course Director UTS Design