Travis Gillet
MC, Team Building
A very experienced engaging and highly entertaining wedding and corporate entertainer. Highly versatile as either MC, Presenter, Gameshow host or Singer. The best events are where these skills are combined! Why not use live music to heighten an emotive response and deliver key messages at your corporate event or workshop!

After a 15 year career, Travis has become has become a highly versatile entertainer. His experience has allowed him to become popular amongst corporate audiences, as he can relate and entertain to a wide range of ages and demographics.

Some of his achievements include but not limited to:

* Singing on a weekly basis for weddings based around Victoria.

* MC of weddings based around Victoria.

* Hired as Presenter for various business promotion roles and external corporate video production companies

* Acting on various television shows, including ‘Offspring’, ‘Party Tricks’, ‘Neighbours’ and various television commercials, including; RACV, Holden, Coles

* Running of corporate gameshows for large scale events (also run by Larry Emdur)

* Keynote speaker for Yellow Pages business education national tour (2012)

* Children’s entertainer, performing roles such as an irish Pirate and a cockney Clown.

* Has performed to over 2000 people at the Big Day Out as drummer for ‘Blueprint’.

What people say about this show:

We hired Travis and his team of musicians for our wedding and we could not have been happier with the outcome. His was an absolute professional and simply made our wedding! He had everyone on the dancefloor and not only kept everything running smoothly but entertaining as well! Thanks for making our day perfect. Matthew & Jayne McConnell

A constant professional despite the large demands we made on him. Trav had a great intuitive knack for the characters, whom he managed to play with a similar intensity take after take. He was equally able to take direction, making the whole process easier on all of us. I’d highly recommend him. He was great as a comedy actor, not only fulfilling what was required of his roll, but bringing a personal flair that added a great touch to the final piece. Simon Toppin (writer/director:”Home Invasion”

DLUX Melbourne Wedding band were fantastic at our wedding. They got there early with plenty of time to set up and made sure they met up with us before the reception began. Communication via email leading up to the wedding was great, with a phone call the day before to make sure that everyone was on the same page. Travis and his team ensured the night followed through smoothly by checking in with us from time to time. MC duties were excellent! Highly recommended to anyone in search for a band.

“I found Travis a pleasure to work with. He was very professional in all aspects of his role – easy to contact and punctual, polite and very friendly to all on set, consistent in his performance and responded well to direction. Highly recommended.” Robin Geradts-Gill. RGG Creative

“Travis was a great asset to have on board during the TVC shoot for the All Seasons Hotel. I appreciated Travis’s punctuality and willingness to quickly adapt as we improvised continually. Travis was thrown into new scenarios, which he picked up and ran with, and executed brilliantly. My direction was minimal, as I tend to let actors go for it and bring something new to the scene – which again Travis did with ease. Looking forward to working with Travis again” Andrew Ferguson – FERGUSON FILMS

“We engaged Travis to work with us on a project that required a natural delivery, focus under pressure on set, and a solid interpretation of the script. We had a great experience working with him and found that his warm and welcoming personality made it easy to direct him toward the outcome we were looking for. We will definitely be working with Travis again on future projects.” 12.2012 Peter Hynes DIRECTOR – Filmtime Media

“Travis Gillett is the definition of Talent! My name is Stewart Marshall, the producer of “Model Behaviour” Feature Film and the Producer of the new TV Series to be coming soon “Cardinal Sin” which Travis has recently just worked on. He picked up the bat when other talents couldn’t commit to the work. The best thing about Travis was when he was called up, he was ready, ready to take on the task and character Arrived on time, had all of his lines memorized, and also brought a little more to the table which has proven to show what he is capable of with his acting and improvisational ability. Travis was very easy to work with, followed direction and also was willing to take advice. It is very hard to get committed actors today but Travis Gillett is one of the Committed. Our line of talent here in Australia today is growing rapidly and Travis is one of them.” – Stewart Marshall

“Travis presented very naturally on camera during our shoot. He was very proficient at using auto-cue, as well as improvisation where necessary. It would be my utmost pleasure working with him again!” – Duncan Flight Owner, Zoom Creative P/L

“Please pass on our thanks to the band. You were fantastic and had everybody dancing the entire night. We will certainly be sure to recommend you” Kane Roach

“Well what can i say – they were FANTASTIC! They had the dancefloor packed at the beginning of their first set (which isn’t normal with our crowd). They were professional, yet friendly, fun and co-operative and flexible and interacted and worked with the crowd in such a positive manner. Absolutely amazing voices – 10/10! Kind Regards from an EXTREMELY SATISFIED customer” Australian Paper Company

“We made the decision to book a band because we wanted to provide some entertainment throughout the night. What we didn’t expect was the night to turn into an ‘experience’. Steve and I had such a great time! So did everyone else. We have still got people contacting us ( 4 weeks later) that have said it was the “best party ever”. A pretty big statement for people around our age group who have no doubt been to plenty of parties! I think the difference between a good band and a great band is the amount of people dancing. I could count a handful of people that were not dancing for most of the night, they were the ones perched at the bar! I could go on and on about how fantastic it was but I will say one more thing…that rock medley at the end of the night was AMAZING!
Georgie and Steve Ritchie