Tony Corporate Entertainer
Brought up in UK in the era of Tommy Cooper, Fawlty Towers, The Two Ronnie’s, Steptoe and Son, Benny Hill and more The Great Anton will deliver a performance like no other to your celebration. No theatrics, no cliché card manipulations, no bad language – just clean, mesmerizing and hilariously funny entertainment.Entertainment with a "British Twist"

Definition of Entertainment: someone whose jois  to entertain peoplby singing, tellinjokes, etc.

Definition of Magician: a person who has magic powers in stories, or who performs tricks for entertainment:

Quirky: unusual in an attractive and interestinway:

British Twist: no dictionary definition, but experience it when The Great Anton  performs for you!

What people say about this show:

Thank you Tony for a fantastic night of magic on Saturday for my hubby’s 50th Birthday, you made the night so special for the little and big kids. I am still getting phone calls of the “How did he do that?”. It gave such a different element to our party and I am grateful for your grace, patience, fabulous humour and sense of fun. You understood the crowd perfectly and effortlessly entertained them to perfection. You are a true gentleman and testament to your craft. Heather & James Howell””
We had the pleasure to be entertained in style at our annual Medball event with The Great Anton! He dazzled all our guests with his excellent tricks and was able to seamlessly integrate himself into the party. His personality and charm made everyone fall in love instantly with the magic as well as making Anton the centre of attention for a lot of selfies. Would highly recommend The Great Anton for your next event” W.Harrison

Review from Christopher Phoenix Brisbane based Hypnotist and Entertainer who was at one of my gigs last week: In my line of work I am fortunate enough to meet many entertainers, Watching Tony,however,bewitch a crowd is majestic. Making the impossible possible. Tony helps people find that part of themselves they had thought long left them in childhood.Tony leaves his crowd with a sense of well being, a sense of possibility, a sense of Wonder… Tony is a true performer