Nicholas J. Johnson
Casino, Comedian, Magician, Mentalist
Nicholas J. Johnson is a liar, a man who spins yarns and deceives the eye. He is a multi-award winning magician and comedian, a best-selling author and a expert on cons, scams and fraud. Nicholas has enthralled smart and savvy audiences for twenty years with his clever swindles and intricate sleight of hand.
TV appearances:

Studio 10
A Current Affair
Hey Hey It’s Saturday
Mornings With Kerri Anne
Kid’s WB
Today Tonight
SBS World News
The Real Hustle
The Real Hustle Around The World


“Despite fooling us over and over again, you just can’t help but like him.”– Squirrel Comedy

Nicholas will combine deception, illusion and comedy into a 15-45 minute show where classic scams are exposed and tall tales are told.

Specialising in corporate and social functions, Nicholas has the perfect presentation for your event.


There’s more to this performer than meets the eye (or often doesn’t when the sleight of hand gets out of hand).– Canberra Times

Let your guests go head to head with a master swindler playing classic con games, witness close up miracles and experience the finest ice-breaker around.

Friendly, unobtrusive entertainment that will blow minds and get guests talking.


“Nicholas J. Johnson is the man to talk to about scams!” – ABC Statewide Drive

From keynote speeches to media appearances, Nicholas has the knowledge and experience to educate the public about identity theft, consumer protection, travel scams and the psychology of swindles.

As seen on Studio 10, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, Live On Bowen, About Tonight, Sunrise, Today and many more.

What people say about this show:

“I highly recommend Nick as a speaker. It is clear that a life-time of standing in front of an audience and performing makes Nick a “natural” for communicating ideas and information in the more formal setting of a lecture theatre, or as an after dinner speaker.” – Dr Ian Griffith (President – The Skeptics Association)

“Thank you for entertaining our corporate guests so well recently. We will certainly take the opportunity to engage you again and I thank you for your dedication to delivering an outstanding performance.” – Trish Kench (National Museum Australia)

“There are cons at every turn: infomercials, credit card fraud, even Nigerian pyramid schemes. Australia’s most cunning entertainer, Nicholas J. Johnson has mastered them all!” -Miranda Tetlow (Triple J)

“Nicholas J. Johnson is as good a laugh as he is a con man.”
– Herald Sun

Accolades & Awards:

Candlelight Productions Award For Artistic Excellence 2014
Melbourne International Comedy Festival Golden Gibbo Award Nominee 2014
Melbourne International Comedy Festival Moosehead Award Recipient 2015
Raw Comedy State Winner 2010
AIM Order Of The Phoenix 2013