Jason Mentalist & Hypnotist
Hypnotist, Magician, Mentalist
One of the funniest performers you will ever see. Jason fuses the power of suggestion, psychology and showmanship, to create a truly amazing show, that ENTERTAINS!


Or more commonly- ‘That guy that does weird sh#t with his mind!’

Simon Baker (TV’s The Mentalist) has nothing on Jason D. Varga. (Herald Sun 2/7/2011)

Jason knows what you’re thinking. This professional mentalist combines the power of suggestion, psychology and showmanship, to predict and control human behaviour, in a fun, unique show.

From corporate to private functions, from stage to walk around, close up magic. Jason is known as the friendly mind reader, he can freak people out with what he can do, but it’s all done in a light, casual and fun way. The focus is on the Entertainment.

Jason is not another guy who knows a bunch of tricks and tries to entertain people, Jason is an entertainer who does magic and does it well.

Whether he’s reading minds, Hypnotizing people to do crazy things, causing solid metal spoons to bend through the power of thought, or simply doing some card magic,  Your guests will thank you for choosing Jason to entertain them at your next function.

A regular Comedy club performer, Jason is also a clinical hypnotherapist, so you are always safe in his hands.

He has created many original effects for some of Europe’s and the United States’ top mentalists.

Jason has also won several awards for his own performances, lectured for, and is a past president of the AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY of MAGICIANS.