Stage Hypnotists 101

7th February, 2012Event Entertainment

Stage Hypnotists

Let’s be honest. There is nothing better than witnessing your partner, relative or friend onstage, convinced they are a rooster and clucking around in their rooster best, after being hypnotised by Stage Hypnotists for the entertainment of everyone in the audience.

A hypnosis show could not exist without people willing to get on stage and take part in the show. Most participants seem to do so from a genuine desire to experience what it would feel like to be hypnotised firsthand. Whatever their reasons, part of the magic of it all is that the audience participants are the actual stars.

Hypnosis shows are globally on the rise, with more and more people learning the craft, and the boundaries of hypnosis being expanded. Years ago, hypnotists would take up to 30 minutes to perform the induction before even getting to any of the fun stuff. This isn’t the case anymore.

Thanks to extensive study in the field, and performers growing in talent, these day inductions are incredibly fast, leaving far more time for the hilarious skits that ensue, making these shows perfect for any sort of audience or occasion. No longer do you need to save up for a trip to Vegas when you can have an outstanding stage hypnotist attend any event anywhere around Australia.

In fact, we supply Stage Hypnotists from Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne. Get in touch today and we will organise a package and performer to suit your next function.

At Action Entertainment we have a range of performers to suit anything from 21st birthdays to hens or bucks nights. We also have Stage Hypnotists that specialise in 100% clean shows designed for corporate audiences. No humiliation, just loads of hilarity and fun!

Make your next event or occasion extra special and ask about our stage hypnotists today!