Find a Magician in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth Today!

Could your next event use a little hocus pocus or abracadabra? A magician is a classic way to keep guests entertained. Don’t let the word “classic” fool you. Today’s magicians are masters of flash and panache, and whether you’re looking for a magician to entertain guests at your next corporate event or birthday bash, Action Entertainment has an array of fantastic options to choose from and we can help you find a magician in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth.

Action Entertainment is your best resource for the highest quality entertainers, and if you’re looking for a magician in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or any other Australian locations, we have fantastic options waiting for you. From skilled comedic magicians to those who perform their feats with a little more style, there are numerous magicians waiting in the wings to help you put on a spellbinding event that you and your guests will be sure to remember for years to come.

Find A Magician in Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth that Best Suits Your Event.

Our magicians are capable of everything from mesmerising sleights of hand to jaw-dropping illusions. When you choose the magician for your event, you’ll have the option of opting for either a roving entertainer or a stage entertainer to put on a fantastic floor show for you and your guests.

A roving magician is a great option if you have a particularly large crowd, as their feats of legerdemain can entertain between 80 and 100 guests per hour. When seeking a roving magician in Brisbane, Melbourne, or Perth, it’s a good idea to opt for one with particular skill in close-up magic, as they’ll be able to put their skills to the test in the up close and personal environment of a large crowd.

Meanwhile, if you would prefer to entertain your guests en masse, you could also opt for a stage show. Do be aware that some entertainers require wings to mesmerise crowd while others simply need a good amount of space on the floor.

The Benefits of Hiring a Magician Through Action Entertainment

Founded in 2003, Action Entertainment connects with only the best in the business. Having a high-quality entertainer for your event is always important, but when it comes to magic, the last thing you want is a bumbling entertainer with cards spilling out of his sleeves. With Action Entertainment, you can rest assured that the next time you get a magician in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne (or any other major Australian city) you will be connected with someone who is the top of their class in the industry.

You can browse the numerous different options available to you at the Action Entertainment website, Information on the different styles of magic that our entertainers can perform is available, making it simple to find the one who is right for your event. In addition to magicians, Action Entertainment hires out illusionists, mentalists, hypnotists and much more. And if you’re not quite sure who is best for your event, connect with us, and we can present you with a few different options to make your Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth event a truly magical experience.