Looking for a Magician? The Best Place to Hire Sydney Magicians is from Action Entertainment

Magicians make for some of the best live entertainment there is in Sydney – witnessing seemingly impossible stunts, getting fooled by impressive tricks… everyone in a magician’s audience is having a good time, especially if the magician focuses on the crowd as much as they do their magic. If you’re planning an event and are looking for entertainment ideas, hiring a magician in Sydney is one of the best decisions that you could make. Magicians are funny, engaging, impressive, and memorable, and they will help ensure that your event is a success.

What do Magicians in Sydney do?

There are many different types of magic and many different types of magicians. The three most popular types of magicians are mentalists, illusionists, and hypnotists. These three fields of magic share common traits, but they’re all unique. Which type of magician should you hire for your event? Here’s a quick breakdown of what each type of magician does.

  1. Mentalist:
    A mentalist, like the name suggests, is a magician that works almost exclusively with the mind. Some mentalists can read minds, others can talk you into saying or doing something that you otherwise would never say or do. Mentalists specialise in psychology, mental manipulation, and suggestion. They can read minute facial expressions and slight changes in body language to perform their magic, and they always work with the crowd.
  2. Illusionist:
    An illusionist is what one typically thinks of when they hear the word “magician.” Criss Angel, a household name all over the world who performs tricks like levitation, is an illusionist. Illusionists do their magic by making you think you’re seeing something that you aren’t. Forced perspective and sleight of hand are an illusionist’s best friend.
  3. Hypnotist:
    A hypnotist always works closely with his audience, picking one or more participants from the crowd and putting them in a hypnotic trance, resulting in hilarity. Hypnotists use many of the same skills that mentalists do, and it’s incredibly entertaining to watch your friends, coworkers, or family getting hypnotised and convinced to make animal noises or dance around the stage.

Where to Find Magicians in Sydney

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