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Do you have a corporate or private event coming up and you have no idea where to get the best entertainment for it? Here at Action Entertainment, we’ve got you covered. We have an extensive list of entertainers across Australia such as in Sydney, Brisbane, and many more. Take a closer look.

When you use our search function by city, you will at first be presented with entertainers based in that local city. From here, there will be a thin line, followed by listings of entertainers who may not be based in that city, but do still service that area.

This is primarily done for budget reasons as some clients only have the budget to source local entertainment. Others initially look for local entertainment but do like to also see what is on offer from clients who are not based there but do service the areas.

For entertainers that are not based in the areas, but do service the area, you can expect travel costs to be added to the costs.

These travel costs usually include any flights or necessary accommodation. Taxi or Uber fares from the airport to the hotel and venue and back again. If they are staying overnight, then meals are usually also added to the cost.

If the entertainer is not required to fly but does have to drive to the venue, and the drive time exceeds one hour, there can be costs added for fuel.

Some also charge a travel cost as their time away needs to be compensated. This is usually minimal and worked out on an “hours away” basis.

Some of our clients book local to their event, and some of our entertainers have been booked for events in the USA or Dubai, so choosing the right entertainer is the first priority, with staying in budget something we like to help our clients with.

If you need help finding your ideal corporate entertainers, just ask us, we’re always happy to help!