Lucas Bazzo
Fire Performers, Other Entertainment
It Is all about the free flow of life taking form in the human body, with expressive dance and fire dragon staff, single and contact staff, fire sword.

The connection with this power element and the magic behind

My name is lucas bazzo, a 26 years old, Brazilian Who been travelling around asia, to learn about the flow of life. Breath meditation, yoga, the connection between nature, spirit and body, what i brought together with one of my favorite element, the fire. The past year i’ve been living in Australia, performing in festivals and raves and making the connection between body expression and fire twriling stronger each day.

The free flow of life is what we see in the rivers, in the animal kingdom, in the growth of the trees, in the rain and the sun and in the human body, it is something we have forgot and it is what i want to show how the flow of life dance with the human body and the connection with the elements in a beautiful expressive perform