Finding The Best Mentalists in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth

While some magicians pull rabbits out of hats, and others perform amazing feats with decks of cards, there is another incredible master of the impossible that performs by delving into the most mysterious of places – the human brain. A mentalist can be an incredible addition to any gathering, as they use the art of psychology to create the illusion that they have psychic powers. Watch in awe as they read minds, and let your guests watch with jaws dropped as the mentalist at your gathering pulls off incredible tricks of the mind. This modern type of magic must be experienced to be believed and Action Entertainment has an exclusive lineup of Mentalists located in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

If you’re looking for a mentalist in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth, you can find incredible options available to you through Action Entertainment. And when working with Action Entertainment to find performers for your event, there’s no need to worry that you’ll book a sub par act. All of our entertainers are the best in the business. We truly believe in working with quality over quantity, and only hire out Australia’s top-tier performers. Whether you’re looking for an entertainer for a party or a corporate event, you can be sure that your act will wow rather than underwhelm.

Hire a Mentalist for Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne Events

Whether you’re looking for a mentalist to perform a stage show or to function as a roving entertainer at your event, Action Entertainment has a number of different options to suit you. Roving entertainers move around a party, and can entertain anywhere between 80 and 100 guests per hour. Meanwhile, stage shows take between 30 and 50 minutes and are the perfect way to give your guests something to talk about.

In addition to our mentalists, you can also find magicians, illusionists, and even hypnotists to liven up the atmosphere at your gathering. Magicians do more traditional tricks, and can surprise and mesmerise your guests with incredible sleights of hand and much more. Meanwhile, you can hire an illusionist to put on an unforgettable stage show with classic tricks such as the water chamber escape, or perhaps even a one-of-a-kind illusion of their own design. Last but certainly not least, you can hire a hypnotist for an unforgettably funny stage show that will have your guests rolling on the floor.

Action Entertainment Gives You Access to Australia’s Best Mentalists in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth

Whether you’re looking for a mentalist or for any other type of entertainer, Action Entertainment has a wealth of options available to you. We work with the best of the best in Australia, giving you access to entertainers who can make any occasion one that will be remembered for years to come.

Since 2003, Action Entertainment has put quality over quantity through its partnerships with mentalists, magicians, illusionists, and more. You can visit our website at to browse listings of entertainers – meanwhile, feel free to contact us or give us a call on 0451 58 BOOK (2665) if you would like more information, or need our help coming up with a few options for entertainers. We’re always happy to help you, and don’t charge any extra fees to book an entertainer through us.