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  You are planning an event - a staff party, corporate show, awards & gala night, corporate presentation or simply a private event looking for entertainment? You have arrived at the right place! Max Allan | Corporate and Wedding Magician is here to make your next event truly unforgettable. With performances that can only be explained as magic, Max will leave you and your guests absolutely amazed, walking away with incredible souvenirs, not just physically but also mentally. Best of all, you, your brand or your company are presented in the best possible spotlight- all whilst enjoying some of the freshest and most incredible magic you have ever seen!     Corporate Events can be slightly scary. Why? A lot of organisation and careful planning has to be considered beforehand. Whether you are hosting an awards night, a gala event, a staff dinner party or any other type of corporate speaking function, you want to be able to grab your audience's attention in order for speeches and presentations to run in orderly fashion and of course smoothly. What if you could do that and inject some incredible roving and stage entertainment to make it a sure-fire success. This is where Max Allan comes in again. His captivating stage presence and performance material will grasp any audience and leave them speechless. Fully customised to you and your planned events' needs, Max Allan is able to not only provide you and your audience with funny and engaging roving and stage entertainment, but Max will also MC your event.  Your spectators will leave the event, talking about and remembering it for years to come!   Just like corporate events, weddings require a lot of planning, organising and most importantly stress! Not anymore. Max Allan offers a free consultation several weeks or even months before your most special day. Also highly customised just for you, Max is able to MC your wedding, making it flow smoothly and making it engaging, involving every single guest and putting you and your partner in the spotlight you deserve. Max's customised and tailored specifically for you entertainment comes in two options - roving entertainment for you and your guests or both stage and roving. Either way, Max Allan will make your day even more beautiful and remembered as the most special day for the rest of you and your partner's life.    

Max Allan | Corporate and Wedding Magician offers optimal customised and unforgettable entertainment for your next event. Whether you are hosting or planning a social event such as a staff party or private house party, or corporate functions ranging from speaking engagements, award nights, gala dinners or any other type of professional corporate business function that is seeking unique entertainment- Max Allan has the solution you are looking for.

You and your spectators will witness some of the most incredible and visual magic and will leave with unexplainable souvenirs both physical and memories. Max Allan offers a fun, cheeky, flirtatious and incredibly engaging entertainment in both roving, parlour and stage situations that will present you, your brand or your company in the best possible spotlight and leaves your audience in absolute amazement talking about you and your event for years to come!


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