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A fun, tasteful show that gets your audience laughing and involved. Guaranteed to amaze not offend, Matt will have your audiences raving about your event for years

All successful events have something in common: entertainment that is memorable and humorous.

*Big laughs unite your audience*

The positive experience of Matt Hale’s Comedy Hypnosis Show puts a smile on the face of your organisation.

*See your audience participate*

The participants are always treated with respect and appreciation. In fact, they have the most fun of everyone!

Matt’s dynamic personality and uncanny ability to use hypnosis in a fun, non-threatening way relaxes and involves everyone. During the show, audiences can expect to see hypnotised volunteers transported into dream holidays, bizarre car journeys and other fun situations.

“Any person that wants to be hypnotised can make a great volunteer,” says Matt. “Nobody is ever forced to participate on stage. The traditional hypnotic show in the past was humour at the expense of the audience members, but during my show I highlight the talents and creativity of the volunteers. I don’t embarrass them, and I certainly don’t let them embarrass themselves! The hypnosis show combines the fun of total audience participation with the incredible abilities of the mind.”

In addition to his live shows, Matt has appeared on numerous radio stations, won 3 national comedy awards, produced a full range of hypnosis products.